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Nothing tops talking

If you or someone close to you has been through an abortion, the very best way to handle the process is by talking about your own feelings, concerns, hopes and options.

There are so many unknowns in this situation already, that you don’t need to be in the dark about how you feel as well. We can help you tackle this delicate side of things either one to one or together with someone else involved or supporting you.

Feeling excluded?

Men reading this may be in a situation where the pregnant woman is choosing not to involve them in the decision making. Friends or family may be reading this feeling they are not being told all they would like to know. Pregnant women can even find that they are having major decisions made for them by overzealous others. Our specially-trained counsellors can help in any of these situations to ensure your needs are considered whoever you are.

Different roles for different people

Everyone that is directly involved in a potential abortion plays a key role in how it is managed. Whether you are a friend, a family member, the man or the pregnant woman, the fact that you are reading this shows that you are taking responsibility. Our experienced, professional counsellors can help you explore your role, all the options available to you and how best to support all those involved in what is a very difficult situation.

We're here2help

Whether you’d like one appointment or many, to come alone or with someone else and talk in our offices or on neutral ground, we’re Here2Help.

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