Help For Men


You’re not alone

If an abortion is being considered then there is a lot of processing to be done by those it affects.

While the main focus may be on how best to support the woman, it is crucial that your feelings are identified and your opinions heard as well. While this can be a very isolating stage of a crisis pregnancy, we have a safe environment and dedicated staff to help you come to terms with things in your own mind.

A problem shared
is a problem halved

Our experience tells us that men often want quite factual information so they know exactly what they are dealing with. Our professional counsellors can talk you through any aspect of the abortion decision just like we can with the woman.

What to do is up to you

Emotions, disagreements, confusion – there is a lot of processing that needs to happen in these situations, especially when it comes to any decisions being made. Whatever decisions you make are yours. Our impartial counsellors will simply help you explore all the options available to you in a confidential manner, so that you are as informed as possible to make them yourself.

we’re Here2Help

Whether you’d like one appointment or many, to come alone or with someone else and talk in our offices or on neutral ground, we’re Here2Help.

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