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You’re not alone

Adoption is legally and emotionally very complicated.

If you and the mother of your child agree on exploring adoption, you would very much be encouraged to take part in the process. If you are unmarried, it is only the mother who has automatic guardianship rights of that child, so only her consent is required in an adoption decision. However, the father has a very clear legal right to be heard in relation to the decision. Either way, our specialist counsellors are here to help bring you through everything.

Meeting a counsellor
is crucial

Whatever outcome you’re considering, talking with one of our specialists will help you deal with the difficult decision you are making. If you want to be involved, we’ll provide detailed information, confidential assistance and ongoing support in a safe environment. However, if you don’t want to be involved, it is still essential that you meet with the counsellor, so that you can be officially heard in relation to the adoption decision. This will help make the process a lot easier and quicker for all involved.

If you’re against any adoption

If you do not agree with the mother’s decision to place the child for adoption, you should seek legal advice immediately. You would need to make an application through court for guardianship rights in respect of your child. We would of course continue to support you through this process and provide you with a different counsellor to any the mother may be seeing.