Help for women


You’re not alone

Adoption is legally and emotionally very complicated.

If you are in any way considering the option, the first and most important step in the process is to know that our specialist counsellors are here to help bring you through everything. We can provide detailed information, confidential assistance and ongoing support in a safe environment, both before and after the birth of the child.

You have time to think

We provide the option of free, temporary foster care that will give you and those involved, the time to fully explore whether adoption is the best option for you and your baby, even after it’s born. While the baby is in the foster home you can still visit. At all times you are free to change your mind, decide against adoption and have the child returned to your care. We will support you whatever you do.

Going ahead with adoption

If you decide to proceed, the child usually stays in the foster home until everything is ready for them to move to their adopted family. You can continue to spend time with your child in the foster home, select and meet the family adopting your child and even discuss remaining in contact with your child. At every step, your experienced counsellor will help you understand the process and answers any questions.

The final stages

Only when all the legal aspects are sorted out and you are completely certain that you still want to proceed, will the child be moved to the prospective adopters. They will then apply to the Adoption Authority of Ireland for an ‘Adoption Order’. Once this is granted, all parental rights and duties are permanently transferred to them. Whatever happens, we will remain here to help you for any length of time following the placement.