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Finding Answers

Here2Help is accredited by the Adoption Authority of Ireland to provide Information and Tracing services to anyone whose records we keep.

We currently hold records for adopted persons, birth parents and relatives of those placed by the Protestant Adoption Society and Pact after the Adoption Act of 1952 as well as former residents and their families of Bethany Home, Magdalen Home Leeson Street, Denny House Eglinton Road, Nursery Rescue Society and Fairfield children’s homes. For a comprehensive list of where records for other agencies are held visit Tusla.

Getting things started

We welcome enquiries by phone, letter or email and once you have decided to apply for a service, you will be asked to complete the following registration form and send it back to us at We would also recommend that you place your name on the National Adoption Contact Preference Register, held by the Adoption Authority of Ireland. This register facilitates adoptees and birth family members to record a wish to establish or decline contact in the future. Our current waiting time is 12 months, after which you will be assigned a social worker in your location. Please include some form of photographic identification with your form, e.g. a copy of your passport or drivers licence.

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What happens next (information)

In most cases some initial non-identifying background information will be available for you. In all cases however, your specially-trained Social Worker will discuss your expectations and the implications of your request both for yourself and those it directly affects. Once this is done, you and your social worker will then agree the best course of action which may include seeking further information, accessing counselling, tracing a relative or deciding not to proceed at this time.

What happens next (tracing)

With your permission, your dedicated social worker will undertake a search on your behalf. While this can take some time to complete, they will keep you updated whenever any progress has been made. If they find who you are looking for, they will ascertain if and how that relative wishes to proceed. If both parties wish for contact, your social worker will usually encourage initial contact via letters, forwarded by the agency. Over time, the nature of contact can change and depends on the wishes of each involved party.

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