Help For Men

Post Abortion Counselling

You are not alone

While men and women that have been through a termination situation can have different feelings, they are both affected by it.

For men, it is especially important to allow yourself to acknowledge these feelings rather than simply trying to be strong. Not all men that have been through a termination situation will need to talk to somebody but we’re here to support you in any way we can if you do.

Today, tomorrow and always

There is never a wrong time to seek our help if you have been through a termination situation. While you may need help immediately after a termination, sometimes it is years later that you may need someone to talk to. Whenever you need us, we’re here.

How to get help

Counselling following a termination can be arranged. This will give you an opportunity to confidentially discuss any aspects of the visit to the termination clinic with your experienced counsellor. Post termination counselling can be arranged for you as a man, regardless of whether the woman chooses to attend or not.


Whether you’d like one appointment or many, to come alone or with someone else and talk in our offices or on neutral ground, we’re Here2Help.

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